Artist: Agnessa Petrova from Bulgaria
Community: Quispamsis, New Brunswick

Artist Statement
An abstract work like this piece challenges one's imagination, and many different associations can be made. A waterfall or cascade, so typical of Saint John's rich and beautiful surroundings; a mountain peak, with paths made by people as a metaphor about human tracks over nature; or just pieces of drapery falling freely. One is free to choose one of these associations, or create a new one.

When I work with granite, I think about the initial state of this material - hot, moving, fiery lava. I am excited about this enormous frozen energy, turned into such hard and ancient stone. To express this internal - and eternal - pulsating energy, I often use wave shapes. Waves are everywhere - sound and light waves, the waves of our feelings and emotions, sea waves and wavy mountain shapes. For me, these shapes are the most immediate and exciting way to express the powerful and harmonious energy of life.

Agnessa Petrova Town of Quispamsis