First Day


Artist: Jhon Gogaberishvili from the country of Georgia
Community: University of New Brunswick (Saint John)

Artist Statement
"First Day" is associated with the initial roots of creation, the birth of life - as if time has started only from that moment. In the deconstructed ellipsis, we can imagine that it is an object on which something is happening. The forms that grow from natural stone are themselves creating original forms of expression. From the centre of the work, as if from exploding stones, organic forms are born - a sign of life. Within this exploding sculptural environment an abstract modern connotation is created, through which a spectator can discover his or her own message and easily communicate with the sculpture. Despite the fact that the sculpture is such an abstract one, it is part of everyday culture. It also resembles an archetypical boat, which brings messages about the First Day.

Jhon Gogaberishvili UNB Saint John