Peace Wing


Artist: James Boyd from Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada
Community: Hampton, New Brunswick

Artist Statement
I have had a unique opportunity as a 2014 Sculpture Saint John artist to create a piece of public art for the community that I call my home. “Peace Wing,” the work that I have created in granite, was inspired by the social history of Hampton along with its natural and cultural environment.

Hampton is proud to be the hometown of John Peters Humphrey, the principle author of the original draft of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1947). Eleanor Roosevelt referred to this United Nations document as “the Magna Carter for all mankind.” In homage to Humphrey, my sculpture is a stylized dove’s wing with an olive branch carved in relief, symbolizing peace.

In addition, “Peace Wing” reflects the environment and the people of Hampton (community motto “It’s our Nature”). While the rolling hills and beautiful Kennebecasis River are represented in the bird’s wing, this image also suggests the action of taking somebody “under your wing,” a metaphor for the protection and guidance provided by a strong community.

James Boyd Town of Hampton