Artist: Radoslav Sultov from Bulgaria
Community: Grand Bay-Westfield, New Brunswick

Artist Statement
In my work, I am interested in exploring the aesthetics of geometric transformations and the pattern design of different structures. My recent works are based on whirl figures which I construct by nesting a sequence of polygons, each slightly smaller and rotated relative to the previous one. The movement of the pattern starts its transformation from one side, weaves deep into the core of the stone, and continues through to the surface on the other side.

For the Grand Bay-Westfield work at Sculpture Saint John I have tried to create a design that corresponds to the ambience of this place, where water meets land. The sculpture builds on the polygon whirls idea by exploring the contrast, which the straight geometric flow carves into the raw monolith mass of the granite boulder. The interplay between the rough rock and the geometric pattern is like the water-land boundary - far from static, always shifting due to natural and human forces. At the same time, the whirl structure frames a focal point to the beautiful river panorama.

Sometimes when I cut stone I have the feeling that I am uncovering a living tissue under the rough skin of the rock surface, as if some artificial nature, which we do not suppose exists, is hidden there. At other times, when I look at the completed work, it reminds me of a fragment from outer space - like a spaceship wreck, or abandoned cosmic gates. I often wonder if these fragments are pieces of an artificial structure that was broken, or parts of a natural living form which existed before.

Radoslav Sultov Town of Grand Bay-Westfield