The Ark


Artist: Jo Kley from Ulm, Germany
Community: Rothesay, New Brunswick

Artist Statement
A tower sails on a boat that rides a wave. The Latin term for ark (arca) means a vessel, a shrine; but also a palace. Rothesay is located along the Kennebecasis River, which flows into the Saint John River south of the Town. For many decades in the past, the area was a shipbuilding centre. Being located along the banks of the Kennebecasis River, Rothesay is a good, indeed idyllic, place to live; its inhabitants are very lucky people. The Ark might remind us that our civilization is based upon, among other things, water, rocks and community.

Water: Water is needed to sustain life.

Rock: During the Stone Age, first tools and weapons, but then also small sculptures and spiritual idols were formed from stone - a significant evolutionary step for man. Accordingly, stone sculptures have been part of human civilization until today.

Community: The tower is a universal icon; a symbol for a house for my friends and me, but also a symbol for a town. The naturally broken side of the rock base, which in the quarry was exposed upside down, reminded me of a boat shape. I tried to shape the boat as roughly as possible, to form an archetype of a boat, just as I formed an archetype of a tower.  A rising tower, a symbol of Rothesay, is sailing on a nutshell-like boat that rocks in the waves.

Jo Kley Town of Rothesay