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TourOff is now available for Apple and Android devices.
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About TourOff


Introducing TourOff, a powerful and easy-to-use tour-building platform that lets you create, manage, and publish your own tours.

The TourOff app gives your guests immediate access to your memorable, immersive, and fun tours. And thanks to offline support they’ll avoid roaming fees while they explore. It’s never been easier to put your story in the palms of their hands.

  • Fast and easy tour creation
  • Always up to date
  • Hassle-free and hands-off

TourOff Features

The TourOff platform helps you move beyond the brochure.

Build and Publish

Build your tour with our easy-to-use content management system (CMS). Publish to mobile devices with the click of a button - it's that easy!

Offline Support

All tours are downloaded to the device for offline use. Tour maps, directions, images, and audio - it's available wherever you go.

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Update Anytime

New tour stop? New content? TourOff makes publishing updates easy. Users only download the changes - saving them time and bandwidth.

Walking and Driving

Whether your tour involves driving to each location in a rural area, or walking in an urban area - TourOff supports both walking and driving tours.

TourOff Platform

Get started today for less than the cost of a printing run of brochures.

Fast and easy tour creation

TourOff’s easy-to-use self-serve publishing platform lets you to quickly publish tours that are engaging, informative, and fun. Minutes after new tours or updates are released, your guests can enjoy them on both iOS and Android devices. It’s never been faster or easier to create a memorable, interactive experience that entertains and informs.

Always up to date

Because TourOff is a software as a service product under active development, you can expect new features and constant improvements, as well as a continually refined experience for your guests--all included as part of your subscription. As TourOff grows you’ll have access to new ways to engage your guests and make their visit memorable and enjoyable.

Hassle-free and hands-off

TourOff lets you focus on sharing your story. You create and publish your tours while we manage everything else. From content hosting and delivery to ongoing maintenance and upgrades, everything is handled invisibly by the tourism, design, and technology experts on the TourOff team. Your app is always stable, beautiful, and up-to-date so your guests enjoy their visit.


TourOff utilizes a familiar user interface to to make navigating easy.

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